Our Story

Bill and Andy are both currently serving in the British Army as Royal Engineers and have a combined service of 15 years. They are currently employed as Army Physical Training Instructors.


Bill and Andy both met through their love of fitness, specifically British Army Warrior Fitness.


This was back in 2018 where both were established athletes in the sport. It was from here that they both continued to train & compete together.


They have always programmed themselves and other Warrior Fitness Athletes however both have always wanted to work together but they wanted to create something different with a big focus on community. 

Fast forward to 2020 and after creating the ongoing well-received health and fitness podcast "Chat Sh*t Get Fit" they decided to take it a step further and construct and deliver a community-based system. Train Primal.

Going forward they will continue to produce the podcast and focus on expanding the fitness community of Train Primal.

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