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 Live An Active Healthier Life 

 Functional Fitness Competitors   Programme 

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 Essential Strength & Conditioning   Program 

 The Bridge Between Life & Apex 

Meet The Team

Bill Gaylor

  • Director of Train Primal

  • British Army PTI 

  • Co-Host of the Official Chat Sh*t Get Fit Podcast

  • Loves everything "Functional Fitness" from training to competition

  • British Army Warrior Fitness Competitor

Sarah Anderson

  • One of Our Expert 1-1 Primal Personal Trainers

  • Mac Nutrition Uni (Basically you want her working on your diet!)

  • Kettlebell Monster! SFG1 + IKFF 1

  • The Results Don't Lie! Check it Out!

  • About to embark on a Strength & Conditioning Masters!

  • Hear her Story!

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Dave McCallum

  • Head Coach Train Primal

  • Trained as a British Army PTI

  • S&C + Functional Fitness Specialist

  • Training and competing for over 9 years

  • Hear his Story! (Coming Soon!)

Hannah Murphy

  • One of Our Expert 1-1 Primal Personal Trainers

  • Injury Specialist Coach (BSc Sports & Exercise Therapy)

  • EIQ Nutrition - Evidence-based, compassionate approach to your nutrition

  • Check out her amazing content!

  • Hear her Story!

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